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Here are my writing samples from the Banner Newspaper, from my college. Enjoy. (Party on the Promenade and Veep Choice Reaps Mixed Reviews) ( Letter to the Editor: Re: Cancer: The Hidden Killer) (The Intrepid: The Sea, Air, and Space Hero and Anger Spills Out at Community Board Meet) (NHL 2009-2010) (NHL 2009-10 Playoffs) (Holes Belong In Swiss Cheese Not Roads, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET CLAWS AND BLOOD: THE REVIEW and  NHL 2009-10 Playoffs) (REALLY ARE YOU SERIOUS?, NFL Begins, NHL, NBA WRAP UP and NFL WEEK 1 MADNESS) (Late Night With Johnny P SI Cable Brings Sopranos Vinnie Pastore, “Big Pussy” and Dolphins Struggle But Fall Short) (NY 2010 Elections, Dolphins fall to Lehman in CUNY Quarterfinal and Sex And The NFL “The Brett Favre Scandal”)


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