3 Things You Say That Make You Sound Inexperienced in Interviews

As many young (and older) job seekers know it is a tough market out there and everything you say, put on your resume and how you write your cover letter can make or break you. In knowing how to sell yourself, tailoring your cover letter/resume to the position you seek and well doing your due diligence in researching the company helps improve your chances.

Then there are those little things that crush your chances and this has affected me as well when I was starting out going on interviews. I had no idea what to say in how to answer a question.

One of my supervisors gave me a nice piece of advice and told me to practice in front of other people and have them act as the interviewer. Thankfully it worked; I’ve become a near pro with answering interview questions. Yet there are three key things that you CANNOT say because it will make you sound like your inexperienced while on an interview.

These are the big three statements that will make you sound like an inexperienced job seeker while on an interview:

1) Telling your interviewer that you are nervous. Everyone is nervous on an interview and the interviewer knows this. By telling them you are nervous will make them think does this person even know how to talk to other people without saying “I’m nervous.” It is very hard not to show that you’re nervous, but by displaying and speaking with confidence greatly improves your chances.

2) Discussing money and talking about a company’s perks. You never, ever ask about salary unless the interviewer has asked you about your desired salary/hourly compensation. In asking about money it shows that all you care about is the paycheck and not the work that goes into it. When you have the urge to ask, don’t like mentioned above, unless you are asked the question then you may answer. The same can be said about the perks, because every job advice website will tell you that talking about a company’s perks will make you seem less desirable. As with the salary question, let the interviewer mention the company’s perks to you.

3) I have no questions. This statement has probably killed my own chances at a job because I said I have no questions when the interviewer asked me if I had questions for him/her. There are so many questions you can ask such as; “Why did you choose to work for this company?” or “What is the culture like here?” anything that you can think of that pertain to the company and/or position will greatly help your chances of either securing a second interview or the position.

There are many other things that people can say that can make you look like a novice, inexperienced or naïve while on an interview. But the important thing to know is that you can avoid these mistakes by practicing in front of family and friends, doing your research on the company, answer each question truthfully and honestly and most importantly write down a set of questions you want to ask the interviewer and it’ll really show that you are interested in the company and the position. Good Luck.


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