2014-15 NFL Season Predictions

With the season set to kickoff soon and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks looking to become the first team since the New England Patriots to repeat things will be very interesting and storylines will be aplenty.



East- New England Patriots

West- Denver Broncos

South-Indianapolis Colts

North-Cincinnati Bengals

Wild Card- Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens


East-Philadelphia Eagles

West- Seattle Seahawks

South- Carolina Panthers

North- Green Bay Packers

Wild Card- San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals


Wild Card Round:


Texans vs. Colts- Colts win, 30-21

Ravens vs. Bengals- Bengals win, 37-23


49ers vs. Packers – 49ers win, 30-26

Cardinals vs. Panthers- Panthers win, 31-27

Divisional Round:


Colts vs. Broncos- Broncos win, 41-13

Bengals vs. Patriots- Bengals win, 38-30


49ers vs. Eagles- 49ers win, 34-33

Panthers vs. Seahawks- Panthers win, 24-23

Conference Title Games:


Bengals vs. Broncos- Broncos win, 42-28


49ers vs. Panthers- 49ers win, 30-19

Super Bowl:

49ers vs. Broncos- 49ers win, 31-28 OT


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