China Recalls Tainted Chicken Legs

The Chinese government has recalled 30,000 tons of chicken legs that had been contaminated by hydrogen peroxide.

The incident follows more food plagued scandals by China, according to Reuters, “Last month, McDonald’s Corp and KFC-parent Yum Brands Inc. were caught up in a scandal after it was found that workers at a China-based supplier had used expired meat and doctored food production dates.”  This also follows incidents relating to ketchup and milk containing high levels of melamine, reuse of the cooking agent “gutter oil” and lead.

This however is not the first time that chicken legs have been recalled; in July 2013 20,000 tons of the way past expired chicken legs had been taken out of a frozen meat factory. With some of the legs reportedly being as old as 46 years, the dish is popular and is used in soups and other delicacies that are famous in the Asian nation.

Authorities have made 38 arrests in connection to the latest chicken leg scandal amid raids in factories in the Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan and Guangdong provinces, eleven suspected individuals remain at large. According to officials the peroxide was being added to the meat.

This latest dent in the Chinese food process has caused some to become visibly upset and shaken. If not pure sick and tired of the food scandals rocking their country one after the other.

CNN reports Chinese internet users have shown their disgust. “Are there any Chinese foods left that are safe?” Another fumes: “From now on, don’t tell us what we can’t eat — please tell us what we can eat!” One commenter says: “Yesterday I ate a lot of these, now I want to throw up.”

Hydrogen peroxide itself, a remedy that aids in cuts, scratches and burns can cause dangerous effects if swallowed. These effects range from vomiting and other potentially dangerous or deadly stomach problems.


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