Brooklyn Nets needs

Since their season ended at the hands of the Miami Heat in five games, the Nets need to not only regroup but retool.


Get rid of Deron Williams. Unless Williams is part of a very good team system, then he is effective, but when he isn’t then he’s not. Shedding him and adding a good facilitator is needed.

Add more to the bench. Since they have no draft picks and near to no cap room, they must add some decent parts to fill out the bench.

Wish to go back in time. Without making that blockbuster deal last summer for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce the Nets had some cap space and most importantly draft picks. Now they have none and are slow and old with those two.

Pray that Lopez comes back. They have to hope Brook Lopez keeps himself healthy because they cannot afford to lose him nearly every season to some sort of foot/leg injury or else it will be another Yao Ming situation all over again.


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