Women in Hockey? Could be

The Edmonton Oilers invited Olympic Canadian gold medal winning goaltender Shannon Szabados to practice with them.

The prospect of a female hockey player playing in a man dominated professional sport is interesting but also spotty at best. Edmonton meanwhile invited Ms. Szabados to practice with them and it’s possible she can hold her own.

According to the article, reported by Bleacherreport.com Edmonton forward Taylor Hall commented on her performance, “easily held her own.”

Forward Jordan Eberle also commented, as per Bleacher Report. “She’s pretty good,” Eberle said, “Once you figure that out, you try and score and put in as many as you can. It’s great that she could step in and help us out.”

The fact that a young woman practiced with an NHL team bears the question, are women going to entire the NHL?  One can say that eventually it will be a possibility, that the NHL will become the first of the four professional sports to welcome women into its locker rooms.

As a male I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a woman that can actually play the sport, playing with the men. If she can hold her own against the guys and score a goal, take and give hits then I’m all for it. I’m also all for a professional women’s hockey league (WNHL), similar to the WNBA.

One day it may happen, but until then lets support real women’s sports like we do for the men’s leagues. Remember one thing women when properly taught and are determined; sometimes they play better than the men.


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