Staten Island Ferry evacuated after 14 year old sounds alarm

On Wednesday the Staten Island ferry in New York was evacuated due to a 14 year old tourist misidentified of a potential terrorist attack.

A young 14 year old tourist overheard two demolition team workers laughing and talking about a “detonation” job that they had previously concluded. The boy then alerted the NYPD and the Department of Transportation of the potential terror threat.

As reported by the Staten Island Advance, education consultant Heather Butts commented on the incident. “”They just started walking through the ferry,” she said. “They were on the boat, I would say, for about 10 minutes or so…. I had a big bag, and they (the dogs) sniffed my bag.”

Commuters expressed concern and the police had seven officers and two Labradors checking passengers. Police questioned the workers and have concluded that they were simply speaking about the demolition job that had been done.

While this incident did not result in a terrorist attack one cannot question the quick thinking of a young boy that might’ve prevented the loss of life, so deserves a congratulations. 

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