Valentine’s Day Advice

Today is the day of love and sometimes love can use some help.

For both men and women, Valentine’s Day is the day that “cupid” comes down and grants two lucky people love.  Whether you believe in that or not is completely up to you, but this is for those that need some help in making their lovers happy today.

Step 1:

Don’t get your date something they expect, like candy, flowers and a card. Well you can get that in addition to something that they don’t expect. Hint: find out what they like, might like or have an interest in and get them that. In other words, SURPRISE them.

Step 2:

Take them out on a nice date, dinner and a movie may sound cliché, but it’s simple and a good time. Just no fast food places okay guys.

Step 3:

The best piece of advice I can give, just be kind and loving. Even though this should be done all the time, it is especially imporatant today, because it’s their day to feel wanted. So make them feel loved and make them happy to be with you.

Peace out guys and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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