2/4/2014 NHL Predictions

The games on tonight’s slate are exciting, featuring teams playing for a spot in the playoffs and one is a rematch from a past Stanley Cup Finals.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins-Boston is the top team in the Atlantic division and the Canucks are fighting for the wild card. Winner: Bruins win, 5-1.

Avalanche vs. New York Rangers- The Rangers have been red hot lately and the Avs under legendary goaltender and former Avalanche player Patrick Roy are playing much better. Winner: Avs, 4-3 in a SO.

Winnipeg Jets vs. Carolina Hurricanes- Both clubs are battling for a chance at the wild card but need to pull off a nice string of victories. Winner: Jets, 3-1.

Calgary Flames vs. Montreal Canadiens- Montreal holds a two point lead over the Red Wings for the top spot in the wild card out in the east and Calgary is one of the worst teams in the league. Winner: Habs, 6-0.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Florida Panthers- Toronto is in third in the Atlantic, and Florida is looking to next year. Winner: Maple Leafs, 4-2.

New York Islanders vs. Washington Capitals- The Islanders will look to deal Thomas Vanek to add some pieces for next year, before the trading deadline after he rejected a contract offer from them. Washington is one of four teams fighting for the last wild card. Winner: Caps, 3-0.

Ottawa Senators vs. St. Louis Blues-Ottawa is one of four clubs fighting to make the wild card and the Blues are one of the best teams out west. Winner: Blues, 5-0.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Minnesota Wild- Minnesota struggles offensively but holds the top spot in the wild card and Tampa without Steven Stamkos is second in the Atlantic. Winner: Lightning, 6-4.

Dallas Stars vs. Phoenix Coyotes- Battle of two pretty good teams, the Yotes are one point behind the Canucks and the Stars are four points behind in the wild card out west. Winner: Stars, 6-5 in OT.


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