Lets Scramble an Egg

Now there are different ways and everyone has a different style. But this is my way.

Step 1:

Take out a bowl, frying pan and fork or else no scrambled eggs.

Step 2:

Take out 6 eggs, crack them and pray that the shell didn’t go into the bowl.

Step 3:

Scramble said eggs with the fork while humming tunes. My favorite tunes to hum or sing is Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, I like the beat. Almost forgot add bacon bits, cheese or salsa to give our eggs some zing.

Step 4:

Don’t spill the eggs as your pour them into the pan.

Step 5:

Flip eggs to cook or like pancakes or pizza pie.

Step 6:

Serve the eggs and remember to apologize greatly if there are any shell fragments.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my steps to scrambling eggs thank you and have an egg day. J


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