Dead Strong

Cables top show The Walking Dead raised the ratings with its season premiere on October 13th and this season will not disappoint.

Since its birth in 2010, Walking Dead has been a ratings juggernaut and the show keeps viewers glued to their screens. While not all episodes are action packed or exciting it does set the ground for future episodes that will bring in the action, drama, blood and most importantly; the zombies.

Since the fourth season began we have seen countless walkers, a crazy woman and a deadly disease tormenting Rick Grimes and his group in the prison. But if you caught the end of the last episode “Internment” then you know he’s back (not giving out spoilers sorry).

If you are a fan of Dead you will be excited about not only the upcoming episode “Live Bait”, but also season five is a go, webisodes The Oath and the potential spin-off coming in 2015. Stay dead and keep walking all.



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