2013-14 NBA Season Predictions

The NBA season began last night, but the rest of the season will be very interesting to watch. Considering the story lines , like the Miami Heat going for a three-peat, how Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will affect the Brooklyn Nets playoff chances and can the return of Derrick Rose bring the Chicago Bulls back to the top of the NBA among others.


Division winners: Southeast (SE), Atlantic (A), Central (C), Northwest (NW), Southwest (SW) and Pacific (P)

Eastern Conference:

1 Miami Heat (SE)

2 Brooklyn Nets (A)

3 Indiana Pacers (C)

4 Chicago Bulls

5 Boston Celtics

6 Atlanta Hawks

7 Cleveland Cavaliers

8 New York Knicks

Western Conference:

1 San Antonio Spurs (SW)

2 Golden State Warriors (P)

3 Oklahoma City Thunder (NW)

4 Houston Rockets

5 Denver Nuggets

6 Los Angeles Clippers

7 Memphis Grizzlies

8 Dallas Mavericks


Eastern Conference:

Heat vs. Knicks, Heat win 4-0.

Nets vs. Cavs, Nets win 4-2.

Pacers vs. Hawks, Pacers win 4-1.

Bulls vs. Celtics, Bulls win 4-2.

Heat vs. Bulls, Heat win 4-3.

Nets vs. Pacers, Pacers win 4-1

Heat vs. Pacers, Heat win 4-2.

Western Conference:

Spurs vs. Mavs, Spurs win 4-1.

Warriors vs. Grizzlies, Warriors win 4-2.

Thunder vs. Clippers, Clippers win 4-2.

Rockets vs. Nuggets, Rockets win 4-1

Spurs vs. Clippers, Spurs win, 4-0.

Warriors vs. Rockets, Warriors win, 4-3.

Spurs vs. Warriors, Spurs win 4-1.


Heat vs. Spurs, Spurs win 4-2.


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