2013 NFL Week 4 Predictions

Three weeks have passed and the fourth week is where we shall begin to see the pretenders, contenders and irrelevant teams start to push through.  So come Sunday and Monday, enjoy the games and stay safe.

Bye week: Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers

Thursday Night Football Result: San Francisco 49ers def. St. Louis Rams, 35-11.


New York Giants vs. Kansas City Chiefs- This is weird to say but the Giants are winless and the Chiefs are undefeated. Prediction: With injuries hitting New York’s offensive line and secondary, this will mark loss number four. Chiefs win, 27-23.

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans- Both teams are 2-1 and fall into the pretender/contender trap. Prediction: Titans defense is better than the Jet offense, 21-17.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns- The battle of Ohio just became a little more interesting. Cleveland’s trade of former first round pick Trent Richardson to the Colts shocked the football community, along with their first win of the season.  The Bengals survived and overcame the mighty Green Bay Packer offense to secure their second win of the year. Prediction: Bengals have a better offense and defense thus pick up the win, 27-21.

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions-  Both NFC North division rivals picked up wins, and the Bears are the most surprising of the two. Prediction: Lions end Chicago’s winning streak, 30-24.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills- Baltimore beat Houston and the Bills lost to the Jets. Prediction: Ravens out muscle Buffalo, 38-21.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Bucs are winless, bench Josh Freeman and may trade Freeman. Arizona was creamed by the Saints last week. Prediction: Cardinals are a more complete team at this time compared to Tampa, 28-24.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars- Indy shocked the world by beating the 49ers and Jacksonville well, they need to sign Tim Tebow or just leave Florida that is how bad they are right now. Prediction:  Colts win easy, 49-10.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Houston Texans- An interesting clash of two different styles, one aggressive and the other more finesse. Prediction: Seahawks win a tough one, 36-31.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings- Both clubs are on a long line of winless teams this year, but the Steelers are a mess for the second straight year. Prediction: Vikings pull it off somehow, 20-18.

Washington Redskins vs. Oakland Raiders- Washington needs to rediscover the success they had last year (hint maybe they should’ve played RGIII in the preseason) and Oakland is well the Raiders, enough said. Prediction: Redskins finally win, 40-9.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Denver Broncos- Denver is on a roll this year and Peyton is having a great start at the moment, Philly on the other hand needs work defensively. Prediction: Peyton and the Broncos roll, 45-3.

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Diego Chargers- Dallas humiliated the Rams and the Bolts fell to the Titans in a close one. Prediction: Chargers need a win and pick one up, 22-20.

Sunday Night Football:

New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons- Both the two teams came within an inch of going to the Super Bowl and both are struggling right now. Prediction: Falcons need a win to keep up with New Orleans and they get it, 40-37.

Monday Night Football:

Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints- Miami is 3-0 for the first time in a long time (since 1998) and with a revamped defensive scheme the Saints are also 3-0. Prediction: Saints wallop the Fins, 47-23.



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