Stop & Frisk Rebuked Facing Changes

The New York Police Department’s Stop & Frisk policy, which some say has made the city safer and others believe has resulted in racial profiling has taken a hit today.

Both premier newspapers; The New York Daily News and New York Times have reported that Federal judge Shira A. Scheindlin has rejects the NYPD’s policy, that was spearheaded by Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Judge Scheindlin commented on her decision, “policy of indirect racial profiling” as it increased the number of stops in minority communities. That has led to officers’ routinely stopping “blacks and Hispanics who would not have been stopped if they were white.”

She has also elected on several “remedies” some being for the use of a monitor to oversee policy changes and reforms. More of her decision can be seen on

The New York Daily News revisits much of the same information but some New Yorker’s are happy to see that someone has decided against the controversial practice. The article can be seen on

Others such as Mayor Bloomberg blasted the ruling saying, “You’re not going to see any change in tactics overnight.” He said he hoped the appeal process would allow the current stop-and-frisk practices to continue through the end of his administration because “I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a lot of people dying.”

Some also believe that the ruling will result back to the dark days that New York endured long before the Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg administrations.

Some of these issues and tensions regarding racial profiling can be attributed to the Florida incident involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, resulting in Zimmerman shooting and killing Martin. It should be noted that Martin was wearing a hoodie, carrying a bag of skittles and wearing baggy jeans when approached by Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges earlier this summer.

Whether or not you agree with stop & frisk, remember that it isn’t the policy that is the issue it is some of the officers, not all of them, just a small handful that are more aggressive than others. Should the policy be amended a little bit and additional police training of young recruits yes, should there be a monitor and drastic changes to it no, because those that are acting strangely either they are Black, White, Asian, European, Hispanic and another race you are susceptible to being stopped & frisked.

Regardless of being Black/African-American or Hispanic, remember an important thing police officers are not going to come get you if you aren’t doing anything wrong, they are looking for guns, drugs and other illegal items. Those that cause problems during the frisking and the initial stop will make a cop suspicious.

Now I call on all races, ask yourselves this, where are your community LEADERS when a shooting death of a young child or community member occurs? Asking them to step up and do something is another way to have stop & frisk less frequent in your neighborhood. By the way incase no one picked up on it, the leaders I speak of are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to name a few.


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