Top 20 Head Coaches/Managers

In all four major sports in North America: NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB has had plenty of incredibly successful coaches/managers. These are twenty of those men that I find to be the best in their profession.

Top 20:

20 Mike Matheny, MLB

19 Joe Girardi, MLB

18 Dusty Baker, MLB

17 Mike Holmgren, NFL

16 Jeff Van Gundy, NBA

15 Joel Quenneville, NHL

14 Ken Hitchcock, NHL

13 Gregg Popovich, NBA

12 Tom Thibodeau, NBA

11 Claude Julien, NHL

10 Bobby Cox, MLB

9 Jacque Lemaire, NHL

8 Jimmy Johnson, NFL

7 Joe Torre, MLB

6 Doc Rivers, NBA

5 Vince Lombardi, NFL

4 Jim & John Harbaugh, NFL

3 Tony La Russa, MLB

2 Bill Belichick, NFL

1 Phil Jackson, NBA


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