NFL and Guns

Over the past several weeks the topic of guns has been affecting not just the country, but now has infiltrated the National Football League.

Guns have been an issue in the NFL before but now have taken preceded these days due to the Aaron Hernandez situation. Hernandez, 23, tight end for the New England Patriots was arrested and charged with first degree murder and other counts in connection to the shooting death of Odin Llyod. New England had released Hernandez following his arrest despite not knowing the charges brought against him.

Other incidents have also plagued Hernandez including in Boston and a recent report of a 2007 bar fight while in Florida, that former teammate Tim Tebow attempted to halt.

Another football player, Indianapolis Colts safety Joe Lefeged, was arrested on gun charges and according to has been released following a hearing. However, he may still be brought up on charges.

The gun issue has been growing recently since the horrific shooting deaths in Sandy Hook, Connecticut that resulted in the deaths of 20 people, most of them children along with other killings. Proposed gun laws have since been proposed in New York and to the United States as a whole, while New York passed some of the toughest laws, the nation itself has resulted in a dead-end. Talks are still expected to continue especially following this incident.


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