Egypt and another Revolution?

Two year ago Egypt had staged a revolution that led to the ouster of former dictator Hosni Mubarak. Now there may be another one.

For what has been building the last few months has been continued resentment towards the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Mursi. Mursi meanwhile has been defiant to the protesters demands that he stand down.

Things have become so chaotic there that the military has ordered him to stand down amid a deadline for 5pm today.

Protestors against Mursi have been saying, “Mursi – Game Over – Out”, proclaimed a laser display beamed over the capital’s jam-packed Tahrir Square, where Egyptians danced with joy, recalling the euphoria and the slogans that greeted the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak two years ago. The light show counted the hours to the army deadline.

The Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters have been clashing with anti-Mursi protesters since the tensions have boiled over into protests.

An article on from yesterday explains the situation, Mursi’s stance and that the military once and if Mursi steps down plans to suspend parliament and appoint an interim government for the time being.

While Europe, Israel, the United States and the world await what happens in the coming days, one thing cannot be denied the Egyptian people want more change and the threat of a civil war much like the one that has engulfed Syria could happen in Egypt.


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