Dating Do’s & Don’ts

Men and women in the world there are many do’s and don’ts , even in the realm of dating there are rules to follow if you want to land the perfect mate.


  • Be yourself and you’ll be fine.
  • Dress with some class.
  • Show some, not all of your personality, showing all of it may be a bit overwhelming for someone you’ve just met.
  • Always be willing to split the check. Now hear me out, split the check if you are only dating casually and/or just met splitting it isn’t a bad idea. If you are dating or married then the guy pays the bill.


  • Do not act like your someone you’re not, always be yourself. If you are smart use your brains, show the person you’re flirting with or interested in that you’re not a moron.
  • Please don’t sleep with the person on the first date it isn’t good unless you want a one night stand.
  • NEVER EVER lead anyone on, 1. It isn’t polite and 2. You don’t want any unnecessary vibes going on.

Here is my advice for dating, you can use it or not up to you.


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