2013 New York Knicks Needs

The Knicks obviously have needs and some are more glaring than others are which for Knick fans that is good thing.


1 More Muscle up front- Tyson Chandler is a nice defensive presence but he got schooled and out muscled in the playoff series against the Indiana Pacers. Adding another physical presence through the draft, free agency or a trade would help them greatly compete with other physical teams in the league.

2 Get a point guard- The feeling was bringing back Raymond Felton was going to solve this problem but it didn’t, adding Jason Kidd was a good move but 8 years too late. Going strongly after Chris Paul or Brandon Jennings would be a smart move.

3 Keep Amare on the bench- Having Amar’e Stoudemire come off the bench may be the easiest move for the Knicks, being able to trade him would be a dream but due to his injury history  and salary that keeps it nearly impossible.  So having him come off of the bench is the best option right now for this franchise.


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