My Way of Fixing the New York Mets

Had I have been the General Manager of the Mets I would have done things very differently than Sandy Alderson has done so far.

Instead of letting Jose Reyes walk, I would have resigned him needing his speed at the top of the order. Adding two free agents from this year’s crop in Michael Bourne and Kyle Loshe to shore up the rotation and one of the outfield spots, also keeping Reuben Tejada at second would be ideal. Next would be trading for Justin Upton adding some much needed power to the lineup especially with question marks surrounding Lucas Duda and Ike Davis, thus giving David Wright and John Buck some better protection.

As for the rotation the addition of Loshe and free agent addition Shaun Marcum joining Matt Harvey, Jonathan Niese and Dillion Gee. Keeping Jeremy Hefner in the bullpen would give the team another arm in case of an injury to one of the starters. In addition to Hefner in the bullpen the Terry Collins will have the use of Bobby Parnell, Pedro Feliciano, LaTroy Hawkins, Scott Rice, Frank Francisco (when healthy), Brandon Lyon and Scott Atchison.

The bench would be rounded out with Mike Baxter, Daniel Murphy, Jordany Valdespin, Anthony Recker and Justin Turner.

Now this is how I would’ve done the roster for the Mets, if you agree or disagree please as always share how you would’ve done something different.

One Response to “My Way of Fixing the New York Mets”
  1. Piazza1999 says:

    I like your thinking, but keeping Reyes and signing Wright to that deal earlier this year would’ve killed the already useless Wilpons. IN HARVEY WE TRUST.

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