New Jersey Devils 5 Needs

Since their season ended a while ago the Devils have some work to do this offseason.


1 Impact Defensemen- New Jersey needs a Scott Stevens, Scott Niedermayer and Brian Rafalski type of defensemen. Had there been no salary cap the Devils could’ve made a play for Shea Weber.

2 Bring in youth- Adding some youth to their goaltending could help lessen the hurt of Martin Brodeur’s impending retirement.

3 Impact Forwards- When Zach Parise was here along with Kovy the Devils had a very good 1-2 punch but with Parise in Minnesota now, NJ needs another forward to take some pressure off of Kovalchuk.

4 Bruisers-The addition of more physical players whether forwards or defenseman with size would help the Devils in their battles with teams such as the Penguins, Bruins, Rangers and Flyers. It wouldn’t be at all bad if they could score also.

5 Leaders- The Devils need leadership in the form of a Scott Stevens type of player, from what I can see Patrick Elias is a leader but he isn’t the type that this current crop of Devils needs right now.


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