2012 NFL Draft First Round Recap and Analysis

The 1st of the NFL Draft occurred last night and many fans wondered who their teams would pick. Many fans and experts alike were in shock over some of the picks and/or trades or in terms of the fans were extremely happy by the team’s moves.

First Round:

1 Colts- Andrew Luck- The expected pick, Colts hope Luck is the next Peyton.

2 Redskins (from Rams) – Robert Griffin III-Same as with the Colts, this is an expected pick, will have an easier time in Washington than Luck will have in Indianapolis.

3 Browns (from Vikings)-Trent Richardson-Did not understand the trade up, but smart move. Now all they need is a receiver to compliment Richardson.

4 Vikings (from Browns)- Matt Kalil- Same as above about the trade up, yet Kalil is needed to protect Ponder and give the Vikings O-line some much needed youth.

5 Jaguars (from Buccaneers)-Justin Blackmon-Best move of the draft so far, Jacksonville needed a weapon now they have one.

6 Cowboys (from Rams)-Morris Claiborne-2nd best move of the draft, now Dallas has the secondary help needed to deal with Eli, Vick and RG3.

7 Buccaneers (from Jaguars)-Mark Barron- Barron will be useful especially with offensive power houses in Atlanta, Carolina (somewhat) and New Orleans in the division.

8 Dolphins-Ryan Tannehill-Time will tell if this was a good move.

9 Panthers-Luke Kuechly- Good move, but expected Coples here.

10 Bills-Stephon Gilmore- When you have to play Tom Brady twice this looks like a really smart pick.

11 Chiefs-Dontari Poe- Awesome Combine player, but we shall see how he stacks up in the NFL.

12 Eagles (from Seahawks)-Fletcher Cox- See Dallas pick minus secondary help part.

13 Cardinals-Michael Floyd- Fitzgerald gets his wish and the Cards get a weapon for either Kolb or Skelton.

14 Rams (from Cowboys)-Michael Brockers-Don’t know why they made the trade since they could have stayed at 6 and picked up Floyd.

15 Seahawks (from Eagles)-Bruce Irvin-Interesting pick, we shall see what happens.

16 Jets-Quinton Coples- Personally thought they would pick Ingram or Jones here, Jet fans will hope this doesn’t turn into Vernon Gholston II.

17 Bengals (from Raiders)-Dre Kirkpatrick- Expected, smart and most important needed pick.

18 Chargers-Melvin Ingram- Good pass rusher to add to a formerly top defense.

19 Bears-Shea McClellin- The Bears love adding strength to their defense, but could’ve taken an offensive lineman here also.

20 Titans-Kendall Wright-Pass rusher was more of a need but with Britt recovering from injury, this could turn out to be a smart pick.

21 Patriots (from Bengals)-Chandler Jones- Pats need defense, but the Bengals could’ve stayed here also and picked up when they needed.

22 Browns (from Falcons)- Brandon Weeden- Good pick, despite age Weeden may prove to be a better quarterback than some. Colt McCoy may be on the way out or to the bench.

23 Lions- Riley Reiff-A protector for Stafford will be a great addition to a growing threat to the Packers.

24 Steelers-David DeCastro- Wonder with this pick, the Steelers will go back to pounding the ball?

25 Patriots (from Broncos)- Dont’a Hightower- Broncos should’ve stayed here, but the Pats needed extra defensive help.

26 Texans- Whitney Mercilus- Needed a replacement for Mario Williams; hopefully he isn’t a one year wonder like many experts say he is.

27 Bengals (from Patriots via Saints)- Ken Zeitler- could’ve stayed where they were, but in the need for extra picks the trade was made. Overall great pick, now Dalton has a protector.

28 Packers- Nick Perry- Following the Packers one game appearance in the playoffs, pass rush was needed, next is secondary help.

29 Vikings (from Ravens)- Harrison Smith-Needed secondary help to deal with Stafford, Rodgers and Cutler now they have it.

30 49ers- AJ Jenkins- Do not understand this pick.

31 Buccaneers (from Patriots)- Doug Martin- Tampa missed out on Richardson, now they picked up one of the other top ranked backs available.

32 Giants-David Wilson-No Jacobs, Bradshaw hurt no problem, Giants got that covered bringing in another young fresh back.


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